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The 'Make it Home Safe' Seminar

A seminar about conflict resolution.

  • TBD based on event

Service Description

This is a seminar primarily geared towards young people, but also applicable to adults. Engagements are booked based upon availability. Please contact Instructor Kimani Jeffrey. The seminar covers de-escalation tactics, conflict resolution, situational awareness and gun safety. The goal of this seminar is to provide alternative ways for young people to resolve conflicts instead of using unjustified violence. The event introduces the realities and aftermath of gun violence. In this era, many youth are desensitized to gun violence as it is estimated that the average teen has witnessed over 3,000 murders, real or dramatized through media, by the time that they reach adulthood. This seminar is designed to present the real world impacts of gun violence and provide conflict resolution skills. This offering also aims to inform individuals on the appropriate way and age to take advantage of their 2nd amendment right to obtain a firearm for self defense. The anticipated outcome is to reduce the high number of individuals facing unnecessary felony gun charges as a result of being uninformed about their Constitutional rights. This particular seminar does not use real firearms or live ammunition, but instead may utilize training mock firearms for safety demonstration purposes. The content for this event may be tailored based upon the event goals and audience needs, as appropriate.

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

There are no refunds. Students are allowed up to 2 reschedule dates. A fee of $10 is charged to reschedule.

Contact Details


32231 Schoolcraft Street, Livonia, MI, USA

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